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What differentiates Revolution?

Revolution has transformed the rhythm cycling landscape, making it more accessible to all. Revolution also offers a proprietary business model which allows franchisees to plug and play, customised to locations and needs.


What support am I going to receive?

You will be backed by a dedicated online support team, global networking opportunities, a state-of-the-art intranet system, business and training support, marketing initiatives and collaterals for promotion.


How does Revolution help with marketing?

Franchisees are responsible for marketing to their members directly to promote a more localised experience. However, Revolution provides brand guidelines and design solutions to drive members to the studio.


Are there multi-unit or master franchises available?

Yes, we are looking for an Area Developer and Master Franchisor in the following countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Korea


What method is used to protect franchisees from poorly performing franchises?

We always advise our franchisees to do their due diligence when running their business, this includes first identifying if they are a good fit for a partnership with us and regularly visiting the location when business commences. 

Another important factor is good communication. Communication is a must for achieving trust, and it’s crucial for the success of our franchisees that it goes both ways. We rely on franchise owners to communicate openly and consistently with us to provide feedback from the customers so that we are able to assess situations accurately and provide appropriate assistance.


What is the total investment required to own a franchise?

This depends on the target territory of the franchise as capital requirements will vary across regions. We’ve done our research and we’d love to share that with you, if you’re keen, drop us a note by clicking here and we’ll reach out within one business day.


What, if any, is the charge for assistance?

The franchise fees cover all initial training and the establishment of your first batch of instructors. Ongoing assistance will be provided at no additional costs to provide operational, marketing, and sales support for your franchise.